COVID-19 Measures

We want to ensure that you have the best time at The Swindon Summer Bowl and that you feel comfortable - it's really important to us. With this in mind, it's vital that you take time to read about the measures we've put in place and the simple rules to allow a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone...

To enable you to feel relaxed at our venue and have a great experience, it’s really important that the space is managed carefully and people are considerate to others. The majority of the walkways at the venue are one-way. They will be clearly marked, easy to follow and have obvious signage.


As well as us taking an active approach to managing the space, we ask our guests to help us to make it enjoyable for everyone by being considerate and to please:

  • Not ‘over-take’ one another on the walkways

  • Remember social distancing while moving around the space

  • In the unlikely scenario where there is a queue for the toilet, please don’t join it until it’s reduced

  • Please don’t congregate on walkways

Quite possibly the best bit of tech we’ve bought in! The Mobile Order and Pay System is quick, easy and safe to use. Using this system couldn’t be easier – just follow the steps below:

  • Using your mobile, head to our digital menu (no app required!)

  • Select your food, drink and any other products you want

  • Fill in your table number

  • Pay via your phone with your card or Apple / Android Pay

  • Finished!


The Mobile Order and Pay System is being implemented to ensure a safer and more enjoyable space for everyone. Ordering via this system is encouraged because:

  • It reduces the likelihood of queues

  • It means you receive your order quicker

  • It reduces cash handling

  • It’s easier to maintain social distancing 

We will always have a designated member of staff who will work towards ensuring our site is kept clean and pleasant for our guests. The site will be regularly cleaned between each and every use. Particular attention will be given to:

  • Toilet touch-points which will be cleaned after every single use

  • Tables & chairs which will be cleaned with an anti-bacterial solution after every seating


We feel it’s everyone’s responsibility to keep the venue clean and we ask our guests to please be respectful and considerate in regards to any waste they produce at the event and also on the journey to and from the venue – please respect our neighbours and park!

The layout of the space has been specifically designed to comply with current social distancing guidelines – it allows guests to move around the space without any awkward moments or bumping into others. To provide this safe space, we have:

  • Pre-positioned tables and chairs so that social distance guidelines can be adhered to - please don't move them!

  • Marked out easy-to-follow walkways

  • Provided a clearly roped-out area for just you!

We want our guests to rest assured knowing that we are providing adequate facilities to be able to wash their hands and feel clean while attending any of our sessions. In addition to the toilets, around the venue there will also be:

  • Hand wash stations where guests can access completely hands-free soap and running water

  • Hand sanitiser available from hands-free dispensers around the venue


As well as that, there will be small individual bottles of hand sanitiser to purchase through our Mobile Order and Pay System.

As the guidance on social distancing changes, our management of the space is reactive to whatever current guidelines are in place. It is essential that everyone who attends our events comply with social distancing guidelines to ensure the space is safe and enjoyable for everyone. Measures we have in place to deal with social distancing are:

  • Clear signage around the venue

  • Mobile Order and Pay System to reduce queuing

  • Floor markers where necessary to indicated spacing

  • Each booking is given a designated ‘area’

  • Tables and chairs are pre-positioned to ensure you’re not too close when sat down

  • Walkways and access to your ‘area’ is positioned to ensure spacing is kept to

Please don't be offended if you're politely reminded of social distancing.

If you're unable to use the Mobile Order and Pay System, then we will accept card - contactless is preferred!

Do you have a question in relation to the safety measures above?

Fill out the form on our CONTACT page and our team will be in touch